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Monday, June 2, 2014

Get Your Organization On!


Today was the big day.  And by big I mean exhausting.  My desks and chairs and stuff and more stuff took a stroll down the hallway to my new, big classroom!  A room that isn't shaped like the letter 'V'!  I'm totally spoiled now. :)  So I had a hard time leaving it a big hot mess, but I managed.  To make up for it, I finally finished my first paid TPT product, a bright and cheery teacher planner!

Thank goodness this baby is done!  You can check it out at my TPT store here:  Teacher Planner

My next project is nearing the finishing stages.  It's called World Traveler, and is a Close Reading pack that covers areas of North America, like the Grand Canyon, Great Plains, and Pacific Ocean.  So excited about this one, its been a lot of fun to create. :)  Time to run, my ice cream bowl is lonely.


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