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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Building Back To School: Reading Tools!

Happy back to school, everyone!  I am kicking back right now, enjoying some 'chair' time.  Is it just me or is SITTING DOWN just not happening in the first few days of school???  Actually, it's like that  for most of the year....BUT especially bad at the beginning! 

I'm so excited to join my sweet friend Denise for Building Back To School!  Congrats to her family on welcoming a beautiful baby girl this week!  

I love creating Close Reading units in my spare time and testing them out in my classroom.  Here's a few tips from my Complete Core units that contain lesson plans and resources for a weeklong close reading unit.

1. Share reading editing strategies.  I use: Circle words you don't know, highlight important information, and underline key words.

2. Discuss the topic before hand to gather what we know.  I feel like this warms up the students before their first cold read.

3. Although my close reading units are informational text, I always include a fun fictional mini book.  Balance is good :)

I'm giving away a copy of your choice of my Complete Core units! Here are a few I've creating recently.

Leave a comment below with your email and I will chose a winner later this week!  If you'd like to take a closer look at the units, just click on the pictures and it will take you to my TPT store.  

Enjoy your week!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Made It: Anchor Chart Display

I'm shedding a few tears for this last Monday Made It, sniff sniff.  It was a fun and crafty summer, but it's time to get down to first grade business! ;)

Sorry for the dark picture! :)  I borrowed this idea from 3rd Grade Gridiron.  I had this huge bulletin board that I knew I couldn't put just anything on.  I needed something that was worthy! ;)

I hot glued some clothespins (I put washi tape on top of them) on to the bulletin board to hold the anchor charts.  To figure out the spacing, I used pushpins first.

It really was easy peasy!  Last year I would shove my anchor charts behind my Smartboard when I was done with them.  I love how I can display the info we gathered as a class and are able to look back and review, too!

My latest TPT product!  I am trying to create some shorter, easier packs that don't require lots of instructions.  I needed something for my early finishers tub, and this is perfect!

No prep cut and paste!  Works on motor skills, plus an academic skill!  Make individual copies of the main sheet (with the picture) and cut the answer sheets in half to save on paper.  Here's another example:

And they are all Fall inspired!  Catch this fun pack at a great price HERE.

Check out the other great Monday Made It posts at 4th Grade Frolics!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Building Back To School: Classroom Tools

It's Back To School, baby!  I am so excited to be joining my sweet friend, Denise from Hashtag TeacherMom, today for her BTS linky.  This week we are focusing on Classroom Tools!

I adore Pinterest...I mean ADORE.  Pinterest is kinda like my hot husband, in the form of recipes, crafts, and teaching tips.  :)

Here's some Classroom Tools I would LOVE to have!

1. Class Dojo for Classroom Management

Last year was my first year using Class Dojo.  It took me a week to get the groove, but after that, I threw away my clip chart and never looked back!  The best part about Class Dojo is that parents can get notifications on their phones about their child's behavior.  I also love the nice pie chart I can create to show behaviors at the end of the 9 week period. :) Very organized!

2. The Daily 5

This is my third year using Daily 5 in my classroom.  Just like Class Dojo, it took me awhile to get my routine, but it pays off!  I love how the students practice each day and build their stamina!  It's just an awesome strategy to teach kids at a young age.  My kiddos last year were so competitive with themselves, our stamina shot through the roof for read to someone!!

3.  Editable Homework Newsletter

This is my own product and I cannot wait to use it!  Last year I spent hours typing up spelling lists and fluency stories on Friday afternoons, barely making copies before the end of school.  

Now all I have to do is type in my weekly info, save, and copy!  I will be copying on both sides of one paper and to make it easier for parents to see, I will use colored paper.  

There are spaces for vocabulary, spelling, and sight words, plus a spelling menu!  Ideas for the spelling menu would be rainbow writing, play doh words, 3x each, or scribble spelling.  Finally, on the back is a place for your weekly fluency story.  Can't wait to use this!

Want to win one for your classroom?  Enter the rafflecopter below and if I draw your name, you can pick the grade!  I currently have K-2, but am working on 3rd, too!

Follow me on Pinterest for more BTS glorious ideas! ;)

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