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Friday, March 25, 2016

Five For Friday: Spring Bundle Giveaway!

First things first, my blog has been updated!!  The talented Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn Designs just finished updating my blog-new background, fonts, labels, welcome pic, etc.  I love it all!!  I highly recommend Alexis.  So sweet and easy to work with!  Go check her out! 

Our classroom Easter Egg hunt got a little Eggucational! :)  hehehe.  Type up some quick questions, for me it was lists of subtraction problems and parts of speech.  Write the answers on plastic eggs with a sharpie.  Print and cut the questions into strips.  I hid the eggs in the classroom, since our Kansas winds have been about 50 mph lately!  This worked perfectly.  They could watch me hide the eggs, but had no clue which one they were supposed to get.  I passed out the two questions for each student, then they hunted it up!  So fun!

This little thing just had Kindergarten Round Up!  She's soooo ready for kinder, she asks if she's going almost everyday.  I'm glad I won't have to worry about tears on the first day with this one.

 Our K-3 classes got to attend the first showing of Junie B. Jones Top Secret Personal Beeswax!! It was put on by an awesome community theatre group in Pittsburg, KS.  These actors were mostly in their teens and early twenties and they were AMAZING!  Singing, dancing, and Junie firsties were in drama heaven!  We are so thankful we could go. 

Giveaway time!!  I finally made my first ever bundle!  I guess I was a little intimidated by the whole zip file thing,,,turns out it's no biggie!  So let's give one away.

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.  I will pick a winner on Monday.  

My TPT store is 20% off this weekend, so HOP to it and grab some deals.  
Happy Easter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, March 18, 2016

Five For Friday: Super Improver Wall

Spring Break, you were here and now you are gone.  :(  BUT, I still have a weekend to whip my classroom together and finish the last 8 weeks of school like a BOSS!  hehehe

The first thing on my list is to print and laminate these babies!  My Springtime Centers!  This beauty is on sale or should I say steal, since they are only $1.50!  Just through this weekend so grab while you can!

One of our Spring Break festivities was a trip to KC to see the Peppa Pig show live!  It was really hilarious!  If you are a Peppa Pig fan or just have to watch it because your little one is in control of the TV channels, you would appreciate this hour and a half of piggie fun.  :)

Our KS weather has been pretty good!  Good enough to go shed hunting after dinner.  Check out these goofballs....gotta love 'em!  

I am a lover of Whole Brain Teaching!  I use Class, Class, Mirror Me, and the Scoreboard.  I also use Class Dojo as an electronic way of letting parents know of behavior issues.  So the last quarter of school, I'm combining my Class Dojo and Super Improver Wall.  I needed to give myself an edge. :)
Here's what I created:

So my little kiddo circles will move their way up the wall with every great week of behavior they have. Fingers crossed for a great end of the year!

I'm hoping and wishing my district sends me to the Get Your Teach On conference.  Anyone going??

Happy Weekend!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Five For Friday! Rainbow Poetry and Leprechaun Tricks!

Happy Friday everyone!!  And Happy Spring Break to meeee!  After a week of parent teacher conference chaos, I was ready for a break!

Since we will be on break during St. Patrick's Day, we celebrated it this week in class.  First, we drew diagrams of leprechaun traps and wrote steps on how to catch them.  Then we used markers and decorated small styrofoam cups to make leprechaun hats.  Take them home and put them in a 250 degree oven for a few minutes, make sure you WATCH!  They will soon shrink into teeny tiny hats that are super adorable!  You can find the instructions at Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business.  When I surprised them with the hats, I placed a few pieces of 'gold' (gold mist covered mini-oreos) on paper shamrocks.  They were in St. Paddy's Day heaven!  

I adore springtime!  It's just around the corner and I thought I'd brighten up the classroom with some rainbows!  Love the clip art from Whimsy Clips!  You can find this FREEBIE in my TPT store.  Don't forget to follow me for more free goodies!!

Loving this sunshine!  My peonies are already budding!!  

If you are NOT an artist, like moi :)  then anchor charts can make you nervous....real nervous!  I adore anchor charts, but I have to work so hard on my art/handwriting!  It can be stressful!  So I've come up with a solution.  Tape your chart paper to your smart board/presentation screen/whiteboard.  Pull up powerpoint on your computer.  Type in what you want to say (heading-wise) and insert any pics you want to use (clipart).  Trace and ta da!!!!  You have a super cute anchor chart!

We are going to KC to see Peppa Pig Live on Sunday!!!  Wish us luck, oink oink ;)