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Friday, March 25, 2016

Five For Friday: Spring Bundle Giveaway!

First things first, my blog has been updated!!  The talented Alexis from Laugh Eat Learn Designs just finished updating my blog-new background, fonts, labels, welcome pic, etc.  I love it all!!  I highly recommend Alexis.  So sweet and easy to work with!  Go check her out! 

Our classroom Easter Egg hunt got a little Eggucational! :)  hehehe.  Type up some quick questions, for me it was lists of subtraction problems and parts of speech.  Write the answers on plastic eggs with a sharpie.  Print and cut the questions into strips.  I hid the eggs in the classroom, since our Kansas winds have been about 50 mph lately!  This worked perfectly.  They could watch me hide the eggs, but had no clue which one they were supposed to get.  I passed out the two questions for each student, then they hunted it up!  So fun!

This little thing just had Kindergarten Round Up!  She's soooo ready for kinder, she asks if she's going almost everyday.  I'm glad I won't have to worry about tears on the first day with this one.

 Our K-3 classes got to attend the first showing of Junie B. Jones Top Secret Personal Beeswax!! It was put on by an awesome community theatre group in Pittsburg, KS.  These actors were mostly in their teens and early twenties and they were AMAZING!  Singing, dancing, and Junie firsties were in drama heaven!  We are so thankful we could go. 

Giveaway time!!  I finally made my first ever bundle!  I guess I was a little intimidated by the whole zip file thing,,,turns out it's no biggie!  So let's give one away.

All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter below.  I will pick a winner on Monday.  

My TPT store is 20% off this weekend, so HOP to it and grab some deals.  
Happy Easter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Great blog updates! Looks good! Your little one is such a cutie! The play sounds like lots of fun. Have a great Easter!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Thank you for the invite to the blogger meet up in Leawood! Yes! I would love to be a part of it. I live very close to the area, so it is perfect. I requested to join your FB group, as well. Thank you for thinking of me! Lola from Preschool Wonders :)

  3. really like your egg activity, I used them for spelling words, maybe I'll "eggs-tend" Easter activities next week! I heard about the wind in Kansas and Oklahoma (I'm an Okie living in Alaska), hope you weren't near the fires! thank you also for the recommendation of the blog designer, I need some help. Paula