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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Five For Friday!!


Happy weekend everyone! I'm a little late to the Five For Friday party, but it's all good! ;)

It's been two weeks of school (minus Labor Day) and the last two days have definitely brought my spirits up!  That first week was mighty scary with 20 firsties running around. :)

1. We made it through a complete Daily 5 rotation!!  After increasing our stamina last week with Read to Self and Read to Someone, I couldn't wait any longer.  I had to do it!! So Tuesday we started a complete Daily 5 rotation and I almost ran from the school screaming.  Soooo, I moved my ELA block to the morning when I have more para suppport, and VOILA! Daily 5 success!  With 20 kids, I needed an extra set of eyes to walk around the room, redirecting those kiddos who get distracted.  Because we know that happens, a lot!!

2. Apples, apples, apples!  We started our two week unit over apples and Johnny Appleseed/Tall Tales.  We read apple readers from my new Apple A Day pack (which should be on TPT soon!), and did some awesome apple experiments with the 7th/8th graders in our small school.  Here's a pic of the Apple Eruption experiment I tried out at home with the girls. It was pretty exciting stuff. :)

3. Classroom pictures!! I was so swamped with inservice meetings and my daughter's 7th bday, that I never posted any classroom pictures.  Here are a few:
 My version of the Bravo board, ocean style!  Catch of the Day!

 My writing center from Seusstastic!  Ignore the mess :)
 Classroom library plus student book baskets.
 Morning meeting rug, love my Phonics Flags from A Day in First Grade!
Team labels for my kiddos!

4. This cooler weather today makes me long for pumpkin snickerdoodles and trips to the pumpkin patch! Bring on fall!!

5. Thankful my husband made it home okay from a business trip to Tennessee. <3

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!