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Friday, April 15, 2016

Five For Friday: National Parks!

Let's's FRIDAY!!

This. is. happening.  I can't believe that the Big Heartland Blogger Meet Up is happening tomorrow!!  There are almost 20 teacher bloggers that will be eating/chatting/shopping and having a good ol' time tomorrow.  I will definitely share pics next week!!


This week was one of my favorite units of the year, Weather Watchers!  I absolutely LOVE all of the experiments you can do.  I have two included in my unit: Rain Cloud and Tornado.  Both are super easy and come with a handy graphic organizer.  My firsties couldn't believe the tornado in a jar!  Sweet ;)  It's always a good day when you have amazed them a bit.


Oh my goodness...all I have to say is HOLY OXYCLEAN!  We have some scrubbing to do.

What's better than a Friday afternoon watching clouds??  Nothing really.  :)  The weather has been gorgeous here in KS, so we had to take advantage.  I used the awesome cloud unit by First Grade Blue Skies and we created some sweet cloud people!  So fun!

Did you know that this year is the 100th birthday of U.S. National Parks??  I just created my second Road Trippin' unit, and I am in love with some of these parks!  I have already started a list to visit with my family and Crater Lake is one of them, sooooo cool!  You can find the individual units and the BUNDLE on sale at my TPT store.  

Happy Weekend Friends!


  1. Playing in mud is gross and so much fun! I still remember making mud pies with my cousin. Your Road Trippin' products look amazing.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Watching the clouds is always so much fun! It's always a fun prompt for creative writing.