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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study Ch. 3-4 plus a FREEBIE!


I'm back for more with the Daily 5 Second Edition!  I think the biggest things for me in Chapter 3 were Building Stamina and Stay out of the Way during Read to Self.
Let the students set their pace, then provide practice to build stamina.  Read to Self may only last thirty seconds in the first practice, but reading stamina takes time to build and every student will be different.  
Stay out of the way is definitely something I need to work on.  Last year I started to travel around the room to listen to individual students read, but that led to other students chatting and moving.  Your own lack of movement allows students to focus better.

In Chapter 4, I took careful note of how to create the perfect reading environment.  Since I am in a bigger room this year, my classroom reading are will expand.  Having a variety of places to sit gives students choices.  Make sure they are comfy so that kids can sit and read longer.  I used wind chimes last year as a signal and book boxes for their personal library.  The kiddos loved having their own book box!  Since I might have up to 19 kids this year (!!!) I am in the market for some new ones! Maybe something like this...

from Really Good Stuff.Durable Book And Binder Holders With Stabilizer Wing & Label Holder™ - 5-Pack Neon

Now for a cute freebie for sending a sweet note to your former/future students!  This idea actually came from my sweet friend, Sarah, who is another first grade teacher.  The plan is to send a short note, telling students what you're doing this summer.  In the envelope, include another piece of writing paper, envelope, and stamp for the students to write you back!  Now we have Summer Pen Pals!  I can just imagine the faces of some of my Firsties  Secondies (?) and I know they will love getting the mail!  Click here to get the Summer Pen Pal Papers!  Enjoy the sweet summertime!

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