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Friday, June 27, 2014

Daily 5 Book Study Chapters 5-7

And so it continues, the Daily 5 book study!  I'm a bit late, but I've been having too much fun with these bathing beauties!

 A week late on this post was worth it I think!  So here it goes, my fav parts of Chapters 5,6, and 7 of Daily 5 (Second Edition).

In Chapter 5, they put a huge emphasis on repetition.  Repetition will be the key to developing good literacy habits.  Take the first few days slow when you implement Daily 5, and thoughtfully build a solid foundation.  The Sisters also reviewed the three ways to read a book:  Read the Pictures, Read the Words, and Retell the Story.  I remember using their shoe activity last year when we first started Daily 5 in my first grade class.  I brought in a ballet slipper of my daughters, a cowboy boot from my husband, and one of my dress shoes.  We then took turns walking (playing) in each shoe, talking about how it felt wearing them and if the shoes helped us walk or not.  I then said if I wanted to find a shoe that was a 'good fit', which one would it be?  Next, I laid out different types of text: high school history book, huge dictionary, and some leveled readers.  We went through the process again of finding a 'good fit' book.  By being able to touch and move with the visuals, my kiddos flew through the process.  

Chapter 6 goes over what to do after you choose a perfect book.  Next choose a spot that is just right for you, away from distractions and comfortable enough to read for up to 7 minutes (not the first few times of course).  Then Work on Writing begins with setting up a notebook.  Begin by writing lists of ideas in the first couple of pages in the notebook.  Read to Someone can be implemented after Work on Writing is up and running.  During read to someone, students must sit EEKK (elbow to elbow, knee to knee), make sure their voice level isn't too high or too low, and be able to pick a partner that is right for them.  During read to someone, I love the idea of how each student is a 'Reading Coach' to their partner.  If a student is having trouble with a word, they need to count to 3 in their head and then ask if they would like coaching or time.  If they need time, let them figure it out alone.  If they need time, offer a reading strategy.  This is also something a teacher should model and let the students practice and practice some more.

In Chapter 7, the Sisters talk about when to launch each part of Daily 5.  Once the students reach the required minimum of stamina for read to self (K:7-8 min, Primary:10-12 min, and Intermediate:12-14 min), then you can start to introduce work on writing.

Next week will be the big and anticipated Math Daily 5!!  I'm so excited to start using this in the classroom.  I know it will lead to an organized chaos that last years math rotations seemed to be.

Finally, and I do mean F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. my World Traveler Close Reading pack is sooo close to being done!!  I am proofreading this big boy and will post about it soon!  It will include non-fiction pieces on regions of North America, like the Pacific Ocean and my favorite, the Great Plains! :) Gotta love the Heartland.....  Hope you stay tuned to check it out!

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