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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Daily 5 Book Study 2nd Edition

Chapters 1-2

I'm linking up with the wonderful ladies from Freebielicious to share thoughts on the 2nd edition of the Daily 5.  If there was one thing I loved about my first of teaching, it would be the Daily 5.  If there was one thing I felt 100% CONFIDENT implementing in my classroom, it's Daily 5!  

Although I was a late hire to the district (2 weeks before school, yikes!), I already knew from reading blogs that I wanted to try the Daily 5.  Sure, the first few weeks put some pressure on me to enforce the behavior I expected from the kiddos, but the hard work in the beginning totally pays off!  Like the Sisters say, "Practice these skills until habits form".

So the Sisters have put out their 2nd edition of the Daily 5 and I think they have loosened the reins on a few things.  Here are my top 3 new ideas I love from Chapters 1 and 2!

1.  Daily 5 doesn't have to be 5 rotations every day.  I had a lot of trouble squeezing in all 5 rotations in my ELA block.  In fact, I frequently let it run into our Science time.  If you know your time is AUTHENTIC and MEANINGFUL, then don't stress about getting it all in.








2.  Trust and respect the students' abilities to be independent readers and writers.  More than likely, if you provide students with authentic activities and build stamina, they will be independent readers and writers.  But remember to PRACTICE BEHAVIORS you want to see and BUILD STAMINA, which will probably vary from student to student.  My higher students may end up with an independent reading stamina of 10-12 minutes, while my struggling students might top out at 7 minutes.  And that's okay!  I love how the Sisters gave examples of bringing those struggling students back to them to review skills and give them reminders that they CAN DO IT!





3.  Accountability runs both ways during the Daily 5.  Students and teachers alike have to be held accountable.  Teachers need to show and guide students to participate in Daily 5, while students are held accountable in the choices they make, like where to sit during Read to Self.  This was a tough one for me last year.  I think the maturity of a student and their decision-making skills plays a big part in Daily 5.  Honestly, one of my highest students had the most trouble because she just wasn't at the maturity level of some of the other kiddos.  this year, I know I will need to practice and practice on the behaviors I want to see.  And then practice some more every so often. 

I created this little self-assessment for those students who have a hard time taking a look at their own behavior.  Use Rate Your Reading for a quick questionnaire after Read to Self or really any time a student has some independent reading time.

Rate Your Reading

Rate Your Reading 

 If you have the book, join our book study!!  Every Friday the Freebielicious ladies will be covering 2 chapters.  Have a great week!!


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