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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Five For Funday + End of the Year Student Awards!

It's Five For Friday time and I'm a *little* late!  Whoops....

The most exciting part about this weekend is my oldest daughter did her first presentation at 4H today.  We made dirt cups and it was too cute!  Oreos, pudding, whipped cream all over the place.  She did a great job, I'm so proud of her!

We have 14 days left of school, people!!!  I am trying to squeeze so much in the last few weeks.  We will be covering dogs this week, and I'm so excited to use an awesome pack by Amy Lemons, A Boy and His Dog.  We will be reading three different Henry and Mudge books, hooray!!

Our school is *thinking* about getting a new reading series, and it sounds like we might be getting Journeys!  So pumped for new readers with color pictures, woo hoo!  Does anyone have Journeys now?  Any comments???

I'm stoked about my teacher appreciation gifts I made this week.  I used awesome chalkboard frames from the talented Krista Wallden to create some cute graphics.  Slip them in some $2 document frames from walmart and bingo!   A cute and cheap teacher gift!

Finally, I set up a mock awards ceremony in my classroom today to show you how to celebrate your kiddo's success over the last year.  My Superstar Student Awards and Medals are finished and I'm so happy with how they turned out.  Here's some pics from my room:

Our class mascot, Baby Dolphin, did a fab job modeling the lovely medals. :)  You can also use ribbon for the medals and that would look great too.  I am planning on doing this the day before the last day of school.  IF I have time, I would love to laminate the awards, but we shall see.  

Have a great week!!

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