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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Week in Paradise + Swimming Through Sight Words Pack!

Hello world!!  Soooo, I've been a bit busy lately.  Busy laying on the beach, busy snorkeling, and MAYBE busy drinking Mai Tai after Mai Tai.  This has been a GOOD kind of busy.  Hawaii was incredible!  A total tropical adventure!  A week was plenty long though, I missed my baby girls!  Here are some interesting pics.  One of my and my handsome hubby, and the next one is the fire-throwing Hawaiian man from the luau we went to.  My husband told him to give me a hug. Oh my lord, I about died!  Sooo embarrassing!  He was pretty awesome though! :)  *kinda sweaty* lmao

I'm so excited about my newest pack, Swimming Through Sight Words!  We use the Fry word list at my school, so all of the words, phrases, and sentences are included.  Every student gets an underwater scene and go through levels of Fry words, phrases, and sentences.  Every time they complete a level, they get to add a super cute ocean creature to their ocean scene.  The adorable clip art by Krista Walden from Creative Clips, totally makes this pack!  My favorite is the jellyfish :)  Here's the link if you'd like to grab it on sale!  


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