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Monday, May 19, 2014

What a Year!!

The school year is over and summer is here!  My girls are excited to play out in the Kansas sunshine and my husband and I are ready for some relaxation. :) We may spend some time here.

 I had a fantastic first year of teaching first grade.  I consider myself pretty lucky to have spent the year with a class of awesome kiddos and colleagues that made me feel so welcome!  Here's a pic of my fantastic teacher buds at our 'Fun Day' last day of school.  Pardon our 'just hauled butt through the rain' look.  It's actually a 'principal just slaughtered us with water balloons' look.  But...don't worry, his name will be on plenty for next year!! 

I didn't shed any tears, though I wanted to with a few kids.  And they loved my summer gift to them!  I made eleven rainbow loom bracelets with a cute gift tag.  Yes 11.  If you have a middle school daughter or niece that could pop these out in an hour, please do that.  This took me forever!  I even tried to pay my own daughter, our loom expert.  But, no luck.  So I now have loom arthritis in my hands, I guess I'll live.  Here are the labels if you're interested!

Rainbow Summer Gift Tags



And  to help kick off the summer, here is a Father's Day freebie!!  I had a lot of fun creating the poem in this craftivity pack.  My husband may or may not have helped with my baseball rhyming words.  Aren't Dads great???  Hope you enjoy!  Here's the link:

A Grand Slam for Dad

A Grand Slam For Dad

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