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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ringing In The New Year!!! 2016 Resolutions

Where in the world has 2015 gone??  I swear time flies by TWICE as fast when you have kiddos running around the house.  :)  Exciting, but way too fast.  

I love starting a new year, though.  Time to clean, rearrange, repaint the kitchen (not the smartest choice before Christmas, but it is done), and think about what I need to improve on.  I love this linky because I really want to focus on my school life improvements.  And I love my ladies at the Primary Punchbowl and others I follow on social media because I KNOW  I can be a better teacher with their help! :)  

After looking over reading scores before break, I've decided to incorporate some chapter books into my high reading groups.  I usually try to do the the last nine weeks, but I have some super duper readers this year!  And they are flying through the Journeys stories with ease.  I use my close reading units I make for TPT with our themes of the month, but I might bring more of those out, too.  I guess this is a good problem to have?? :)

My next resolution is to surround myself with positive co-workers.  It's hard to avoid those Debbie Downers (you know who they are...)  but if they ruin a good mood, turn around!

I think everyone knows how drained they are after school.  I look at the treadmill like it's the devil in disguise. Hahaha, and even if I had energy, I still have to make dinner and go through my daughter's homework, etc.  BUT, there is a BUT, I know that I will feel better after I make myself get on that thing.  Three times a week!  I can do this!!

The last one, and very important one, STOP stressing over TPT stuff!! If I'm on a roll, I create a mindset that I cannot stop working on it.  If I don't have anyone share my pin, I get bummed out.  And don't even mention getting a lower than 4.0 score on a product....STOP THE MADNESS!!!  

I need to learn to take a deep breath and know that THIS part of my life is not my profession, it is merely a hobby.  I cannot let it stress me out more than I already am.  It is a BLESSING that I am grateful to be able to do, I don't want to ruin the moments... :)

Happy 2016 everyone!!!


  1. Definitely find your own Positive People Club! I hate being brought down to the negative. Bloggers are always fun to bring you back up your your happy place!

  2. Hi Meg, thanks for linking up with us. I love all your resolutions. You are SO right about TpT. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed especially with all the social media and I tend to stress myself out. We can help each other stay focused and not stress. :) Have a great start to your year.

  3. Great resolutions! I agree about the negative people at work. I am so thankful we several new teachers at my school this year and for the first time in a long time our entire group is upbeat and excited and passionate and it makes such a difference in the total feel at school. I also have exercise on my list. I agree, it is tough to get started, but I will feel so much better once I do it. Wishing you a fantastic 2016!

    Luv My Kinders