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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Five For Friday!! Just a little late.....

Happy weekend to everyone!  I'm so excited for this link, I have lots to chat about! :)

February is packed full of so many opportunities for fun stuff, I just can't fit it all in!  BUT, I made sure I am ready for President's Day with a new product.  I started looking at the TPT items I was creating and thought to myself, what if I added directions, word for word, to create a full blown lesson 
plan for me and others??  And aligned them to Common Core standards??  I loved the idea and this is my first installment of "The Complete Core".  Each Complete Core will have detailed lessons and activities aligned to standards, plus extra fun stuff for things like reading/math stations, and of course, the Daily 5.  I hope you can check it out here!

I love to read!  I mean I L.O.V.E. to read.  My favorite is romance and my favorite author is getting ready to publish her newest book.  Guess who got to read it early and write a review???  MEEE!  I was so excited!  I'm the lucky duck who gets to read it before it comes out and I get to gush over her writing.  Pretty good deal.  

So this is "With Every Heartbeat" by Linda Kage.  It is the fourth book of her Forbidden Men series.  Forbidden is a good word in the world of romance novels, trust me.  All of her books take place in college, a great spot for finding true love and good ol' drama.  The men in her book are gorgeously described, and unfortunately for the women, they are 'forbidden'.  But that's what makes her books so good you are up at midnight still reading!!! whoops....  Make sure you stop by her Facebook page and blog to score some sweet Forbidden men gift items.  She gives away some awesome loot!  Plus, for the next few weeks until the big release of her new book, the prior novels will be on sale!!  A little romance for Valentine's Day doesn't hurt anyone. :)

Linda Kage

Hallelujah!  The sun is shining!  That's all.....

My hubby's bday is is a few days and I have a few tricks up my sleeve for him...hehehe.  He will be surprised! :) 

Finally, my students were so excited after recess yesterday.  They saw a meadowlark and were ecstatic!  One boy even said, "It had a yellow tummy, just like you said Mrs. Baker!"  *cutest thing ever*  I will surprise them with my knowledge once in awhile :)

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