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Friday, January 30, 2015


Woo Hoo!!  The weekend is here and so is Five For Friday!  This week at school was a little rough, I was recovering from the 'flu bug' or whatever that stinker was.  So besides by hacking cough and sleepy eyes, I was truckin' right along.

Sunday was my birthday!  Happy 32nd bday to my twin and I. :)  Here we are on our family summer vaca to good ol' Branson.  We twins get a little goofy sometimes.  Love her!

Kansas Day was yesterday and we had a ball!!  I was in *LOVE* with my kiddos knowledge of KS facts!  They were especially enthralled with the history of Amelia Earhart.  We also have a little one named Amelia, so she got some pretty excited looks and questions, "Are you named after Amelia Earhart?!!!"  Not a bad question....

I'm ready for a change!!  I definitely need to brighten up my dining room.  My dark red curtains need to hit the road and I'm thinking about these.... What do you think?


January is over, February is here, and best of all, spring is coming!  Since I work at a charter school centered around agricultural education, we are blessed to have a greenhouse.  Seeds are ordered and my first graders are ready to get their little hands dirty, all 44 of them :)

After the second 9 weeks, I was disappointed in the kiddo's checklist scores when it came to place value.  So I whipped up a quick pack of what else but....Super Place Value Heroes!  We did a few activities today and the kids loved them!  I believe the most popular activities were the board game and the super hero seal craftivity.  I have to admit, that one is pretty darn *CUTE* :)  I made my super 'M' for the kiddos and they got a kick out of discovering my real name isn't just Mrs. Baker.  You can snatch it up and enjoy with your class here.

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