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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tell All Tuesday! Top Ten Teacher List

It's Tuesday once again and I'm here to spill the beans on the top ten things I have learned as a teacher!

A few of my favorites were if you give a student a hug, hold them for a second, they may really need it!  We ALL have those students.  Those poor things that don't get the love they deserve, so give them that extra hug!  It's OKAY to leave right after school, your family needs you too!  This is sometimes hard for me to do when I have a million things to get finished.  But family comes first, no matter what occupation you have!

I loved this linky with My Day in K and Teach Talk Inspire!  Head over to their blogs to join!

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  1. Great post! Caffeine? Yes please! Also, our calamity days ate up our Spring Break and it was rough at the end. I think more teachers took more of their personal days around that time than ever before! Great to find your blog!

    First Grade Frame of Mind