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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five For Friday! Launching Writers Workshop

Let's celebrate this summer weekend with a Five For Friday!!  Today I am sharing lots of pics on my new writing resource, Little Writers! Writers Workshop For Primary Grades.

This little baby has taken hours and hours to complete!  Way more than I had originally planned on spending.  But I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I've included WHY (strategies) we do certain things in Writers Workshop and HOW (implementing the routines) we do them.  Check out the pics below of my writing goals posters, writing through the year templates, and more!

This isn't even including my Celebrating Writing section and Monthly Portfolio covers.  This pack is 125 pages long, people!!  You can find it here at my TPT Store, Mrs. Baker's Dozen and grab the preview that has 4 pages of free writing resources!!!

My girls and I got in some swimming while Daddy was working in OKC this week.  I heart my little mermaids!!

Tropical Storm Bill or whatever it is, has moved past Kansas, thank goodness!  Bring back the sunshine!!

I've completed the first week of the TPT Seller Challenge and I'm ready for week 2!  I love the collaboration of IG and the FB group.  Lots of good questions and lots of great helpful answers!

I laminated yesterday!!  I can't believe that I did this with a month into summer, but oh well. :)  I couldn't wait to start my new Writers Workshop!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!  Remember to give Daddies lots of hugs this weekend ;) Click HERE to get back to the Five For Friday Linky Party.


  1. Looks like you've had a great week! Good luck with week 2 of the seller challenge, i'm seeing it everywhere and slowly coming around to the fact that I may just do it myself !! Just wary as to the size of my to do list already and if i'm going to overload myself!

  2. I love your writing product! It looks great :)

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