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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Five For Fraturday! Phonics + WBT = Happy Kids!

Happy Saturday to me!  And I say that because I am celebrating the first weekend of summer vacation!!  I am soooo needing a mental break from school, but I still can't help thinking about a few things I want to work on over the summer. :) Teacher problems....

I love my ELA block because we always start with some phonics fun, Whole Brain Teaching style!  I fell in love with WBT last year and now I include many strategies in all subject areas!  I started using the Scoreboard, Mighty Oh Yeahs, and the Super Improver Wall and never looked back. :)

I had a sweet para record me while we had our phonics voices and gestures of the day.  (Please excuse the lounge wear, it was garden planting day!)  I use Kristen Smith's Phonics Mastery and absolutely love her phonics gestures.  This works perfectly with WBT methods!  Now my class and I have tweaked  a few to our own tastes, but most are from her pack.  

I always begin with "hands and eyes" to make sure all eyes are on me and hands are quiet.  Then I give a "mirror check" as a warm up.  Kids love this!  And after we learn a new phonics sound/gesture, I always ask a student to come up and model for the class.  They love to give the mirror check to the others.  Who doesn't like being bossy once in awhile? :)
Here's a quick clip of how we start our daily phonics, WBT style!

Here's another clip of more phonics sounds.

My Mother's Day weekend was spent running these two darlings around :)  Love my girls!!

I don't know about you, but the last two weeks of school are tough.  I mean TOUGH!  Sometimes the classroom rules go right out the door and you have to have a plan, a yummy plan. :)  Our bribe, I mean, incentive to finish the year off right, was an ice cream party where you earn your toppings.  It was totally worth it. 

I used my Superstar Student Awards and Medals last week and it was a total success!  Parents came to see their kids on the first grade 'red carpet' and don their medals for all to see!  You can take a peek at the pack here.

Just a pic of my fav softball player + coach ;)  xoxoxo

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